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Population of Amsterdam on 01-01-2024

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From abroad
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Population flows Amsterdam 2023 ​



Growth in the number of inhabitants of Amsterdam

From 918,117 on 01-01-2023 to 934,927 as of 01-01-2024. ​


Growth due to:

Birth - death balance                  3,667

Location - departure balance    13,143

Total                                           16,810 ​



1. The number of newcomers in 2023, just like in 2022, was almost 90,000.

This means that the inflow remains at its highest level ever. The inflow remained stable, but the outflow decreased.

2. The inflow from home has increased considerably, while the inflow from abroad has decreased. Nevertheless, more people came to Amsterdam from abroad than from home.

3. Fewer people left Amsterdam compared to 2022, mainly because departures to the rest of the Netherlands decreased.

             Note: some of the departures to the rest of the Netherlands are foreigners leaving Amsterdam

4. Inflow from abroad is much greater than departure abroad: Amsterdam is becoming increasingly 'foreign'

5. The number of births has also fallen slightly in 2023. ​ ​ ​



Figures from CBS Population development per region and municipality of Amsterdam, March 22, 2024

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